• 2024


    Will it?

  • 2023 Summer

    2023 Summer

    Check out my links page to get an idea of my stand up exploration.
    Adding new artwork regularly- mostly sketches and works from phone.
    Writing is my go to right now and fuels my sketching (well, everything).

    That sounds way to peppy. Like a late night local tv commercial - kinda sad like I'm trying super hard to make this all sound cohesive.

  • 2023 February

    2023 February

    After an absence of an ambiguous amount of time, I have updated this website to reflect my visual output. Thanks for taking a look.

    I have additional pursuits that influence my work including writing and performance (specifically stand-up comedy). More to follow about these directions. My visual explorations continue - I can't fathom life without that being so.